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Travel Services

NS Tours & Travels is a full-flegded travel company and tour operators in Delhi and Delhi NCR. Our reputation for excellence is earned every day by providing the ultimate in value and personal attention. Today we are one of India’s premier tour operator management companies. NS Tours started with a vision of creativity, deadlines, innovative ideas, strategy and a foresight to provide flawless services and promoting tourism in India. Penning down the credentials of, our agency is like turning the arch-lights on yourself and there lies the challenges of presenting a case without an iota of self praise.

We provide complete services to the tourist and business traveller right from the arrival into India, till their departure from the country. Utmost care and attention is given for selecting appropriate hotels and specific services requested for. Through our nation wide network of agents in India and Nepal, efforts are made to ensure that any trip with us, to this part of world becomes a memorable one.

We invite you to explore India with us. We believe service begins with simple relationships: agent and traveller, agency and client. We welcome you to discover our world and Service.

Tour and Travel Services

Air Tickting, Cheap Air Fare, Budget Flight Booking

Air Tickets - (Domestic/International)

NS Tours offers the lowest priced air tickets to every corner of the world. We are a consolidator for numerous major airlines in India for domestic and international flights. We also provide the best prices for group booking. For corporates, N.S. Tours & Travels provide best the best air fair on regular basis. We have the discounted prices for groups and corporates.

Hotel Reservation, Budget Hotel, Hotels in India

Worldwide Hotel Reservation

NS Tours offers the best deals on packages and hotels in India and Outside. Our team of committed travel experts endows you with a complete databank of worldwide finest hotels, assuring optimum quality, service and price. Grab our exclusive offers on worldwide hotels and gear up for a blissful retreat.



We are a leading cruise travel company dedicated to providing its customers with access to great deals on cruise vacations. We work with the industry's leading suppliers, and that gives us access to special rates that we turn into big savings for you. we offer a real adventure experience, travellers are cushioned with incredible comfort, fine dining, great cocktails and choice wines, not to mention extraordinary levels of service.

Eurail Passes, Eurail Tickets


Eurail Passes let you experience the best of Europe. Comfortable trains take you straight to the city centres. Traveling with your Eurail Pass is easy and relaxed. No need to wait at check-ins or buy different tickets for every trip. Take as many trains as you like and stop anywhere, anytime. You can choose which countries to visit and how long you want to travel. There's always a Eurail Pass that fits your wishes.

Visa and Passport Services Delhi

Visa Services

Backed by team of experts, we provide complete assistance for Visa & Passport to our clients to help them obtain a valid Indian passport. Besides, we also provide assistance and consultancy that enables them to receive valid visa for traveling across the globe. Our legal experts help our clients with the documentation work and other visa formalities to ensure hassle free transactions.

Car Rental Services in Delhi

Car / Volvo Rental

We are a Delhi Based Car Rental Company to fullfil your All Car Hire Needs in Delhi. Our fleet includes luxury and budget Cars and Coaches in it’s prime condition. Non-Automated and Interactive Nature of our booking process has ample scope for answering your queries prior to booking and post sales round the clock. In short, we have taken care of every details to present top class service at reasonable rates.