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Monsoon Tours To India

Come and Enjoy the Monsoon season of India, which bring pleasant changes in weather, and sparks off an array of festivals in India. The arrival of monsoon in India means heavy rains all around. You can take part in some monsoon sports activities, which may brings smile to your face.

Monsoon Tourism in India

Well, it might sound a bit new to your travel itinerary but India monsoon tourism packages from many travel agents are now attracting more and more holidaymakers to India. Even the native visitors are now keener to explore a different side of nature while touring some of the finest holiday spots during the months of June and September.

Monsoon is no doubt the best of time for those who love nature without worrying much about rain and traffic jams. While monsoon brings a new vigor to the social life and trillion dollar economy of the country, travelers find this as the preferred time to explore a country like India.

Soon after the hot summer months, the south-west monsoon (begins in the early June) gradually soaks several parts of India with varying degrees of rain. The abundant rain further adds color to nature's beauty.

The lush mountains, long green pastures, dense forest nature parks and cascading waterfalls are all intoxicating for nature lovers and tourists alike. Monsoon, the season of rainbows and raindrops, brings the right time for everyone to go for many outdoor activities or simply touring places like Kerala, Goa and Leh-Ladakh among few others.

Monsoon Travel Spots in India

It's not all during winter or spring, the land of exotic beauty - India has a lot on offer during the rainy season, too. Here is a list of few must-visit destinations complementing the weather of monsoon period.

International Monsoon Tourist Destinations

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